Epicenters (2017 - Ongoing)

‘Epicenters’ is a body of work, which deals with the issues of epigenetics of space and how trauma is preserved in it. Trauma, either be it collective and historical or purely personal, is an energy, which imbeds itself into the DNA of the family and becomes transgenerational, altering behavioral patterns and the perception of collective self and space. Lost stories of relatives long gone are scattered in faraway places and many rivers of displacement and neglect. All of those places, collectively, sum up a presumed identity. Relatives have inhabited them, invested lives in them and ran away from them, trying to erase any belonging or history that they had planted, not leaving any trace. But they took those places in their memories and passed them onto me.

On my many visits to those ‘forbidden’ lands I feel a tingling numbness, a sense of calling and repetitive pull to return again, as it seems like there is some unfinished business left to deal with. As a result, by gathering the past and the obligation to do right by it, we build our future. But by not having access to any given past, we become rooted in the endless longing to find it first, losing more of our future as we look further back.

The project in development incorporates photographic work, video pieces and reflective writings on my travels.

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