Maria’s Monologue (2017)

Everything was on the brink of disappearing. The house, that was never fully built, the animals, some of whom were never even invited, or Maria herself, who felt trapped. Trapped in her own home. The more her home was crumbling, the more animals were arriving. And yet somehow she still managed to love and care, both for herself and for her animals. Every single one of them, from the first to the last, had their own given name and personality. They were like children for her.

It was in the end of the summer, when Maria told me, that she didn’t have any strength left. And she felt alone. The road separating her from the field across the house was blocked. Blocked by the endless traffic of cars, busses and trucks. Even when we met, we couldn’t heareach other as the traffic was so loud and busy. Everything had been enclosed within a small reality, with no way towards the outside, nor livable conditions on the inside. And the cold was only just beginning to arrive.

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